Monday, November 20, 2006

Casino Royale - 007 Returns!

There are very few reasons for any 007 fan to be dissapointed with Casino Royale. Based on the Ian Fleming book written in 1953 the movie is the 21st Official James Bond Movie to be made. The one's made by small time movie buffs and local Jeetendra versions not applying.

After months and truckloads of critcism and hatred about the leading man, Daniel Craig finally displays a performance that is good enough to silence all his critics and the tabloids that wrote him off. Casino Royale is a stunning roller coaster ride that oozes of action in true bond style from the word go. The action sequences at the start of the film are extremely fast paced, feature some spectacular stunts and have all the makings of a film that is going to get better as the plot progresses. The other action sequence that is really interesting is the one at the JFK Airport.
But if there's sombody who does deserve applause for making Casino Royale the movie it is then credit must go to Daniel Craig. He might not have the Charisma of a Sean Connery, the slow and gentle style of Roger Moore or Pierce Bronsnan's American appeal but he's definetely not the blonde sissy they made him to be. He can surely act and deliver an amazing screen prescence. It's only fair to give him a chance to exhibit his own independent style and not imitate one of the earler 007's or fall into a certain stereotype that you'd expect.
It would be fair enough to say that Director Martin Campbell and his casting team could have worked more onn the villains because the magic of most 007 movies comes from the bad guys themselves. The other area that most Bond Fans might be dissapointed with is the abscence of Q and the exciting gadgets that are introduced in every Bond movie. Casino Royale features a collection of gadgets like Craig's Sony Vaio Laptop, a collection of mobile phones from Sony Ericsson (M600, K800 and W900), cars from Aston Martin (DBS and DB5), a Ford Mondeo, Omega Seamaster on his wrist and a few others. Nothing like the vanishing cars and exploding spacecrafts that you might expect from a typical Bond Movie. The gadgets here are more real and believable! And yes, if you expect a surprise, you won't be dissapointed. Richard Branson, the virgin man himself makes a fleeting guest appearance that most of you might miss as it's gone even before you notice!
No 007 Film is what it is without the Bond Girls and Vesper Lynd & Solange Dimitrious don't dissapoint. Though you might not see a bikini clad Halle Berry walk out and mesmerise your senses, Lynd on a horse in the Bahamas is quite a sight. The bad part is that none of them survive and this is the first and only 007 flick where none of the Bond Girls are alive at the end of the movie.
Casino Royale is a wee bit long for a Bond Flick with a screen time of 145 minutes. And the fact that the film does get a little slow after the interval and the plot seems to lose a little tempo after the game at the Casino. It would be fair to say that the climax of the film in Venice is a letdown and the abrupt ending is not something I was happy with. What is really really good and should not be missed is the great CG and titling effects at the start of the movie. It was a part of the movie that really sets the pace from the minute you occupy your seat. Great work there.
If you really want to have a great time, I guess you should leave all that you've heard or have come to expect and watch it like a regular 007 movie and I'm sure there can't be too much to crib about Casino Royale.


Blogger Aishwarya Rao said...

I watched the movie and loved it too!
Brilliantly made I say.
Congrats on the new blog. Waiting to read many many more independent reviews.

PS: In and Out the city road
Up and down the Eagle
Thats the way the money goes
Pop Goes the Weasel!

11/22/2006 1:39 AM  
Blogger shitij said...

Hi man,

Good to find that u still blog...cause most of the people whom I used to know left blogging.

Keep up the creative work.


2/25/2007 4:58 AM  
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